• 01 Dec 2016

    9 Tips help your baby give up the pacifier

    If the baby has started learning to walk, but cannot leave the pacifier, then something needs to be done to let him forget it gradually. That’s because pacifier cannot only affect the baby's tooth growth, but may also make the baby more and more depend on it psychologically.So the following coups may help you!

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  • 24 Nov 2016

    Is it necessary to choose thick diapers for baby

    When winter coming, parents began to worry about how to add baby clothes, afraid of that baby wearing too little will get a cold. In order to keep warm, some parents will choose thick baby diapers. They think thick diapers can not only keep warm, stronger capacity of liquid, but also reduce the time to change the diaper, which is good to avoid baby catching a cold. However, this is really unreliable. Chiaus diapers manufacturer will intoruduce you tips.

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  • 16 Nov 2016

    How to treat baby drooling

    Mommy always put a bib to treat baby drooling, it seems normal,actually, if mommy don’t deal with it in time, it will also cause some damage to baby's skin. When drooling phenomenon often occurs in baby's certain age, mommy should pay attention to drooling is possible a distress signal from baby. How to treat baby drooling? Following are our Chiaus diapers manufacturer suggestions

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  • 08 Nov 2016

    The Importance of Father's Love

    A father's love contributes to a child's development as much as the mother's love does, sometimes, it will be more important. Chiaus baby care company will introduce you the importanec of father's love.

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  • 26 Oct 2016

    What should parents do to a picky-eater baby

    Children picky eating is always plague parents, this is harm during growth. There are many reasons cause the picky eating, such as too worry about the nutrients for baby, and indulge on diet, too impatient on correct baby’s diet and eating habit, or parents have irregular dietary, etc. Then, how to solve this problem? Chiaus baby care company will introduce you some tips.

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