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  • Jun. 22, 2016

    How to spend summer for Newborn babies

    New parents are happy with baby’s born, but always feel confusion when babies born in Summer----The weather is too hot. Could the newborn babies under the air conditioner or Electric fan? And the sun is searing, could we take babies for a fresh breathing outside? Will the babies get rash if they are in wrapped? However, neither hot nor cold is not easy for parents.

  • How to keep baby away from mosquitoes in Summer

    Summer, in addition to the hot weather, the most annoying thing are those flying "vampire" - mosquitoes. How to protect the baby from mosquitoes' biting becomesan important work for parents.

  • The Third Super Nursing Teacher Activity

    Chiaus third Super Nursing Teacher Activity, help more young parents learn how to take care of babies, and lots of parents shared their experience and questions