Chiaus Special Training for Production System Grassroots Leaders

Aug. 10, 2015Hits:5182

In order to improve the management skills of production system grassroots leaders, enhancing the cohesion and morale between production system management team, a training about management skills was held for all the production system leaders in Huian from August 6th to August 8th, there are nearly 50 people took part in it.

This training had a breakthrough in curriculum design, our trainers alternated traditional culture courses with "practice" , in order to achieve a better learning effect .

                                                           (Practical skills for group leaders--- Business etiquette)

                                                                 (Practical skills for group leaders--- Communication )

                                       (Practical skills for group leaders--- Leadership)

                                    (Practical skills for group leaders--- Execution)
In addition to culture courses, CHIAUS trainers also chose some diathesis developing activities for the trainee, such as “Role Playing” and “People Chairs”. 

As grassroots leaders, they usually receive various notifications from their superior and then executed. So the accuracy and completeness of information transmission is directly related to whether they can finish the task with high quality and efficiently. 
The game let trainee understand the true meaning behind it by telling them the P (plan), D (implementation), C (check) and A (action improvement), and also help them found out the existing problems in their daily management, finally solve them. 

The brief but memorable training was finished, but we believe that CHIUAS  strict, effective communication, meticulous and positive spirits will be kept in their mind, becoming a strong motivation to help them do better in the future, and help them to reach a higher stage.