Company is the Longest Confession of Love for Being Qualified Parents

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How important is your company to the baby?

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1. To meet the spiritual needs of children
2. Able to inspire children's wisdom
3. Help children to adapt to the society
4. To promote the development of the baby’s language communication ability in the future
5. Contribute to the perfection of personality and development
6. Contribute to the development of cognitive ability
7. With your "lover", you need to do those things

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To give baby high quality company, you need to do the following:

1. Pay attention to the needs of  baby
The infant baby expression ability is very limited, so parents should always care about the baby's real needs, which includes two aspects of physiological needs and psychological needs. For example, the baby's crying, no cooperation form and other forms of expression, there can be many kinds of interpretation.Maybe hungry, sleepy, uncomfortable diapers; maybe need more hugs and attention from parents. Parents should carefully interpret baby’s these expressions, give him/her timely comfort and care. Of course, if parents let baby eat good and sleepy well before him/her protest against, with more comfortable close-fitting diaper. Giving him/her timely cares and attention that will be more perfect.

2. Respect for  the view of baby
Although baby is littlel, him/her is an independent individual, who has his/her own view. So do not limit the baby's behavior according to parents own inherent thinking, and parents should  seriously take and respect for the child's views, positively intertacting with baby. 

3. Experience the feeling of baby
Most of the time, parent arrange everything for the baby from their own feelings to, but what is baby true feeling? It’s actually very simple, can be a cup of proper temperature of water, can be a very comfortable diaper, can also be a comfort, a hug. Yes, the baby's request is very simple, but parents tend to think too complex.

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4. Understand the development degree of the baby

As far as possible communicate with baby in the way which baby can understand, not to deliberately training baby to do things which him/her is unable to do for a while. Understand the development degree of the baby and use different ways of communicating and learning at each stage of development, which can let baby grow up more happily under no presure.
Baby is born "little lover" for parents, but the closeness of  parents and this "little lover", often depends on whether parents are in the time baby needs them most, carefully to accompany him/her. So, put down those concerns, ready for anything, with him/her, with love , joy and infinite curiosity get along together. What parents say may not be printed in the baby's memory, but it will react in his/her actions.

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