How to keep baby away from mosquitoes in Summer

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The Summer is coming, in addition to the hot weather, the most annoying thing are those flying "vampire" - mosquitoes. How to protect the baby from mosquitoes’ biting becomes an important work for parents.
Why mosquitoes like to bite babies?
1.Baby’s metabolism is faster than adult and they sweat more, and the sweat contains a large number of amino acid, lactic acid and ammonia compounds, the mosquito smell them and look around, then babies are easily be bit.
2.Babies have a smell of milk, moreover they have little resistance.

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How to drive the mosquitoes away?
1. In the bath, add a little vitamin B1 in the bath cream, the special smell it spreads can make the mosquitoes away. Dissolve 3 to 5 pieces vitamin B1 in water, dipa cotton ball into the water and wipe exposed skin which can keep mosquitoes away in two days.
2. People usually turn off the light and open windows and doors in the summer evening to let mosquitoes fly outside, and then close the windows and doors to avoid mosquitoes flying into. That’s because mosquitoes like the light, prefer hot, dark and wet environment.
3.Put one or two pots ofTelosma cordata, Mint or Rose in room, the mosquitoes will fly out because of their unbearable smell.

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4.Using orange cellophane to drive the mosquitoes away: Install an orange light bulb indoor, or set orange cellophane that can pervious to light on a 60 watt light bulb, after turn on the light the mosquitoes will be fear of orange light and fly away.

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5. Install sugar water with empty beer bottles and put them in the shadows, mosquitoes smell sweet liquid will fly into the bottles, then they would stick to sugar or beer and die; In the surface of vitreous or ceramic containers, evenly coated with a layer of drive-midge syrup, and put them down in the dark, the mosquitoes would die of poisoning after eating syrup. 
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6. Lighting of dried tea or orange peel indoor, the mosquitoes will flee far away.
7. Triturate the wormwood, eucalyptus leaves rubbing on the body will has a little effect
8.Find some Mint, perilla or tomato leaves, triturate the juice out and daub on the skin, the smell of these plants can avoid mosquitoes biting.
Note:The baby’s room is forbidden spraying insecticide, if baby absorb it too much, they may suffer acute hemolytic reaction, organ hypoxia, even heart failure, organ damage or turn to a plastic anemia.
Electric mosquito-repellent incense has little toxicity, but it had better not to use Electric mosquito-repellent incense because the baby’s metabolism is quick, and skin absorption capacity is strong; If it must be used, as far as possible put in ventilated place and avoid using for a long time by all means.

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