What is training pant? How to choose a good training pants for babies?

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In order not be busy changing diapers or washing diapers every day , Mom will prepare some baby diapers for babies. And as baby growing up, you may have to buy some training pants for babies. So what is training pants? What is the role of training pants? And what is the difference between training pants and the traditional baby diapers?
What is the training pants
When baby wearing diapers, he is always moving, or he can unfasten diapers, you can try to wear baby with training pants. And it is more like  baby's small underwear, which is good for learning to crawl and walk. So it can not only hold babies' excretion, but also has the function of normal small underwear.
The function of training pants
1. Holding excretion
As the same as traditional baby diaper, the baby training pants can hold baby’s excretion. It can release the fatigue of Mom.
2. Convenient for baby crawl 
Because it is convenient to wear or take off, so it is easy to learn to crawl or walk for babies
3.High absorption
Baby training pants with huge absorption, you needn’t get up to change the diapers for babies at midnight. And with the elastic, we don’t worry the out leakage. 
4. Convenient for learning walk
Larger diaper is uncomfortable , and the smaller may be too tight to harm baby's delicate skin. While training pants for toddlers are better close-fitting and don't substantially affect the walk. So it is possible to effectively prevent O-leg problem
When should baby use training pants
1. When baby not cooperate
Many lively baby, when changing his diapers, he will move legs firmly. In this case it is troublesome to wear the traditional diapers, but training pants can be very convenient and save trouble.
2. When baby can crawl
Training pants is particularly designed for babies to learn crawl and walk, it will not affect baby's movement. So when baby can sit or crawl, you can wear him with training pants.
3. When not convenient enough
When going outside, you’d better prepare some training pants for toddlers. Because it is not easy to find a place to change traditional diapers in time, and training pants will be able to put on by standing. Moreover wearing traditional diapers is time consuming, so if spare time is not enough, you can wear babies with training pants.
How to choose baby training pants
As baby growing up, his activities and the amount of urine output will increase, so be sure to choose the right close-fitting design, good absorption training pants for toddlers.
1.Check the cutting
Training pants and traditional diapers with the same basic principle, so the first thing to consider is comfort. Legs and waist must close-fitting, not tight, not loose, so it will be the similar feeling as wearing shorts and not affect baby's daily actions. Also before purchase, Mon should try to pay attention to the waist elastic and check whether it fits your baby.
2.Check the absorption
You need purchase the fast and high absorption training pants for babies, so the absorption core is the key. A better quality absorption core will give babies a better protection
TIP:some training pants made based on the different urine place between boys and girls, you need pay attention to this.
Toilet baby training pants for toddlers

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