QK019 Chiaus Baby Diaper
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Ultra thin diapers for newborn
  • Soft topsheet non-woven: top sheet with non-woven, make baby feel very comfortable, keep baby's skin dry. It is close to baby's tender skin
  • Two Absorbency Layers: It can absorb liquids quickly and more urine, which keeps baby always comfortable
  • White Acquisition Distribution Layer: White ADL can absorb liquids very fast and reduce the time when urins stay on baby's skin
  • Elastic 3D Leakproof: The design of elastic 3D leakguard is close to the structure of baby's body, and gentle for baby's legs, soft and comfortable
  • Soft wave Velcro frontal tape: Wave velcro tape hook allow for secure refastening and adjust even when using lotions
  • Stretchy and soft waistband: 180°stretchy waistband touches soft and make baby move freely
  • Breathable Cloth-like backsheet: Ultra-soft and breathable cloth-like backsheet discharges hear and dampness quickly, which makes baby feel more comfortable
  • Wetness Indicator:Yellow lines will gradually change to green when diaper is wet