BK008 Balas Adult Diaper
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adult diaper manufacturer China
  • Super lock of water, prevent water back:Soft hydrophilic non-woven top-sheet with two absornency layers, absorb water by every part and super lock, keep comfortable and soft in every moment
  • Super breathable, keep bedsore away: Waterproof breathable backsheet, which is composed of nanoscale breathable micro holes, efficient discharge heat and effectively prevent bedsore
  • Super leakproof, safe conveniently:Dual stereo soft elastic leakproof design keep people more safe to use diapers, which reduce the unnecessary washing and nursing work
  • Double flat magic tapes to fix the diaper well to body: Double widen magic tapes on both sides, the strong stick power to fis diaper on body well
  • Super absorption, lasting dry: The super absorption core is constituted by imported fluff pulp and SAP, which can lock urine promptly and keep the strong absorption capacity for long time
  • Elastic PU form waistband: Unique stretchy waistband is softly fixed around by belly and flesible to body, it is more comfortable to wearer