New Mother How to Breastfeed Scientifically

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How to determine the amount of breast milk to meet the growth need of baby?
If breast milk is not enough, the milk should be appropriate to add breast milk or formula milk, in order to avoid the lost of weight. Especially the newborn baby, a serious shortage of intake, can lead to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar brain injury then cause sequela. The early inadequate intake is high neonatal bilirubin disease risk factors.

1. Noisy crying within two hours
Normal infants’ breast milk or milk feeding, gastric emptying time is 2 ~ 3 hours, that is to say, if baby is full, general 2 ~ 3 hours to cross again hungry, need to be fed again, therefore, the newborns’ feeding time is  every 2 ~ 3 hours. If less than 2 hours, baby is hungry noisy crying, new mother should pay specially attention to insufficient breast milk. As the growth of the age, feeding time should be extended gradually until 3 hours at a time, after three months, the night’s interval can be longer than one in day, extended to 4 hours, namely can only feed seven times a day.
2. Baby’s weight does not increase or grow slowly
In the first three months after birth, weight gaining per month should be above 0.7kg. There is no increase in weight or growth slowly, new mother should consider the lack of feeding or disease factors.

3. How to avoid the inadequate feeding for newborn baby?
For newborn baby, due to mother soon after childbirth, breast milk secretion is insufficient, a feeding just makes baby full within 3 hours. However, baby's natural suck is the best factor to promote breast milk secretion. Therefore, mother feeds baby in 1 ~ 2 hours, it is difficult to judge the adequacy of feeding, then mother have to observe the baby's weight, if physiological weight drop too much, that means inadequate feeding. General speaking, physiological weight drop does not exceed 10% of the original weight (7 days). The proper way is, for newborn baby, breast feeding in 1-2 hours, every time 15 minutes, mother’s breast will change the filling to soft. After 10-day’ childbirth, if mother’s breast milk is sufficient, it can be observed, before feeding the breast as hard as stone, and after feeding, the breast will like a balloon without air. Baby will be quiet sleep after breast feeding.

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