Breastfeeding Tips

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Feeding on demand means feeding at once when baby cried?

1. Whats feeding on demand?

The volume of milk needed by every baby will not be exactly the same. Therefore, we should feed on demand. Nowadays, feeding on demand are misunderstood as feeding at once when baby cried by some parents. Feeding on demand refers to feeding as much as your baby want to eat, but not feeding without any rule.

2. Feeding at once when baby cried is not good for the health of both baby and mother.

The meaning of baby’s cry are various, mom and dad should learn to judge reason of baby’s cry, hungry, hot, urine, defecation, itching, pain will all makes baby cry, baby would want someone to accompany when he/she grow up a bit, sometimes there are cases of skin hunger, tthey will also cry. We should learn to judge. If you also feeding when the baby is just want to accompany or when his skin is hunger, this would develop the habit of eating piecemeal milk, and the baby can not establish his own circadian rhythms on time, as a result, his sleep rhythm will not changes with the age increases, the deep sleep time will be short too, which will conducive to the abnormal developmental of nerve behavior. It is not good for the secretion of milk if the mother don’t have a good rest, and some even lead to postpartum depression.

3. The features of noisy cry of hunger

The baby's mouth will keep looking for nipple, especially when you get anything close to his/her mouth, she will automatically come close and search since she thought that milk comes. If it is not noisy cry of hunger, you should first check whether the baby is urine or not. Or is there anything stimulate her? After exclusion of environmental factors, you should check whether the body of the baby has exceptions, if not, you can spend time with her, and try to comfort her with feeding , if all of above can’t works, you should take the baby and go to the hospital.

Can mom feeding the baby also when she got a cold?

1. This kind of cold does not affect breast-feeding.

There are often questions from the young mother that can I feeding my baby when I got a cold. Generally, they can do feeding as long as they do not feel sore, fever and other systemic symptoms, which indicating that the virus does not invade the blood. But they must be careful not to transmitted to the baby, they should wear a thick mask to isolate the virus from baby. 

2. Breast-feeding mothers how to choose cold medicine

Can I do feeding when I ate medication? The medicine’s effect on the baby's is passed through breast milk from the mother. The mothers had better not to have the medicine that can affect the milk. If the medicine is necessary, mothers should check its peak time in milk and its effect on baby , mothers can avoid its peak time in milk and do feeding if its effect on baby is not big. In addition, mothers need to check whether the medicines will affect the secretion of milk, it is better not to use if it will. Generally, the medicines which can relieve runny nose symptoms will restrain the secretion of milk. Moreover, problems concern to feeding under disease state of baby or mother, shall be carried out under the guidance of professional doctors.

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