Hidden Dangers for Baby at Home

Mar. 22, 2016Hits:4613

Nowadays, people's life is more colorful than before, and we use so many goods in daily life. But there are some we often touch harming the health of children.

Because parents are busy in job and housework all day, so they will inevitably neglect to children's care sometimes. In daily life, what dangerous goods shall the children stay away from?

Following are some examples for you:

In Kitchen
Nuts, jelly and other round food
Peanuts, beans, melon seeds, jujube, popcorn and other round shelled food or barbed fish, try to avoid for young children to eat. Though jelly is soft, it would easily plug the esophagus of young children if eating improperly.

Plastic bags
Plastic bags should be picked up to prevent children putting them on the head when playing which will cause choking.

Thermos, soup pot, hot water bag, etc
Thermos, soup pot should not be put in the table, do not let the children touch hot utensils and food.

It’s dangerous for children to play with utensils such as chopsticks, spoon, knife and fork.

In bathroom
Bathtub, bidet, buckets, etc.
Household water collections can also lead to children at risk of drowning. The water in bucket, bathtub and tub need to be drained out so that the children do not accidentally fall into causes drowning.

Daily chemicals
Many children do not know the dangers of toilet cleaner, disinfectant, detergent and other chemicals. For curiosity, playing with them, the consequences could be disastrous. Parents must put these things on some places that children can not easily reach.
In bedroom
The charger, outlet, etc.
Pull away the unused chargers. Using outlet covers to protect children from electric shock when playing with outlets.

Small toys
Toys should not be too small and should not be disassembled into small parts easily; Meanwhile, do not let children play with plastic balls and coins. Adults should accompany children when they play with small toys.
Other goods
Such as ornaments, toothpicks, needles and other sharp objects.
Toothpick, pins, needles and other sharp objects once be swallowed will hurt baby’s esophagus or intestinal wall, and even injury the internal organs, causing severe chest or abdominal cavity infection. Try not to use a toothpick to feed the baby fruit.
All kinds of pens, compasses, ruler, thermometer, glue, etc.
Among all kinds of “Eye injury tools”, pencil is the most dangerous one for children since its refill can be broken easily.
Drugs and mercury thermometer
No matter what drugs should be put on some places that children can not easily reach, such as locked storage and drawer, in case of mistaken eating. Mercury thermometer is easily broken, not only the glass could hurt children, the mercury may also occur mercury poisoning.

Lime desiccant
Many snacks have desiccant packet, and some children like to play with it. But if put the desiccant in a vacuum flask accidentally, it will explode.
Children are full of curiosity for the outside world, but they has little ability to predict risks. So the safety issues are very important for children in each time.
There are too many goods in home could hurt children, so parents should pick them up consciously while seeing, do not let children at risk.