The Most Hated Words of Child, Did You Also Mentioned Often?

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Although Children are young, their imagination is unlimited. Sometimes, a careless word and behavior of Mom and Dad can lead to their all sorts of associations, may also be kept in their mind, and can’t be forgotten for a long time.

Don’t hurry to negate this argument, because it is truly exist in our real life!
There is a true story: a girl tell us such a sad story when recalled her mother. Her mother had been scolding her from her childhood, she will say her child is a fool just because she can’t make beds even she has impressive results in school. Somehow, these words then as the knife engraved in her heart. She began feeling inferior, and want to suicide herself even after she had got married and had children. Such kind of cases are not uncommon in our life.
Psychology believes that the stimulation people experienced in their early age would cause different extent psychological shadow in their mind, and bring unexpected effect on them.

A lot of times, parents always say or do something hurtful unknowingly, which however imprinted deeply in the child’s heart.
But if the inappropriate words and behaviors are said or done by parents unwittingly or when they are angry, then the parents should make up the mistake by explain themselves to the child, since whether they do the explanation or not make a difference in the heart of the Child.
Parents must pay attention to their own words and tone when communicate with the children.Don’t leave any wounds on child’s young mind.

Well, which words we need to pay attention to before we say it out?
The following words, if you ever said, then you should think seriously, and to minimize the rate you say it in the future. If you never said, please hold on to that, and never say it.
“I wonder how could I give birth to a Child like you!”
“You really let me down.”
“shut up!”
 “That’s it, do it again, I’ll throw you out!”
“See how good is other’s Child!”
“How can you be so stupid?”
 “Do whatever you like, I won’t care anymore!”
“Shut up! Why can’t you be obedient!”
Shocked when you saw these words, aren’t you?
Check the words you said to the children,did you also say these words to them often? if any, then you should stop at once. Although children are with young age, they also have self-esteem, we need to protect them.

The heart of the child is fragile, they hope to get support and understanding, every word of encouragement can make them feel confident. But just a rough scold is enough to bring great harm to their dignity. It’s a very horrible thing to the Child that their parents deny them easily, and doubt their ability.