Are You Ready with Your Baby for A Funny Outing?

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In spring, the climate is pleasant, many parents will plan to bring baby go out for a spring outing. Outdoor activities not only let baby close to nature, but also can stimulate the brain and let them full of imagination. So turn off the TV and go out for fun with your baby!
Do not think it is a trouble to bring baby for an outing, it is very easy, if you prepared well before outing. Let me show you:

Baby travel equipment: Feeding-bottle and milk powder

When bring baby out, if baby feed on milk powder, then feeding-bottle and milk powder are demanded, if it is breastfeeding, we needn’t prepare these. Though it may not convenient outside, we should also feed baby on time.
Baby travel equipment: Warm water

Outing with baby, the warm water is necessary! Water replenishment is very important for baby. And also the milk powder demands it.
Baby travel equipment: Baby wet wipe and baby tissue paper
In health, when bring baby out, we also need to prepare baby wet wipe, tissue paper. Baby wipe can help to clean baby mouth, hands and prevent dirt into the baby’s  mouth ; Tissue paper can clean the ass of baby, after baby urinate or defecate.

Baby travel equipment: Baby diaper

It is an important equipment to take the baby diaper, which can be replaced at anytime. When there are a lot of people, toilet is always crowded , but the baby may want to pee at any time. Preparing enough diapers or nappies to avoid the baby wet pants and change clothes. Moreover , the frequent change of clothes is easy to cause a cold in the cold weather outside.
Baby travel equipment: Polybag


The bag is used for storing dirty diapers, wet clothes and so on. And the sealed reusable bags are recommended. However, please don’t throw baby diapers anywhere, to be environmental protector and set an example for baby
Baby travel equipment: Baby carriers

When go out, we can prepare the baby carriers in advance. Making the baby  safely surrounded by your chest. So baby carriers is a good partner for an outing.
Baby travel equipment: Clean towel

When baby have fun in playing, they will lost a lot of water due to sweating. So parents should carry a clean towel to mat to absorb sweat on his back before the baby playing, to prevent baby to catch a cold.

Baby travel equipment:  Toys

Baby like new things, but new things fresh period is shorter, in order to prevent crying out, preferably parents should take at least one kind of baby interested toys, they are very important to attract the attention of baby, if the journey faraway.
Other baby travel equipments:  
Baby clothes, anti-mosquito liquid;
Baby blanket, or cover; Bib - waterproof bib will be better;
Baby teether – For one year-old baby, to prevent them to eat his own fingers.
Some snacks - If baby is in complementary feeding stage, then to take the suitable variety of convenient food.


Bottle detergent - For cleaning baby bottles, teethers, pacifiers, etc
Baby wrap - 3 pieces are enough, can be used as swaddling clothes;
Pacifier - Baby is born with the attached feeling for the pacifier. Giving your baby the proper use of pacifiers can add the baby's sense of security, so that the baby can quiet down as soon as possible in an unfamiliar environment.