How to prevent the Infantile Autism

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Children with autism are called "children of the stars,"they are just like the stars shinning alone in the dark and distant sky. 2ndApril is the "World Autism Day", more and more people begin to pay attention in children with autism, and are willing to give children the greatest assistance.
Autism, is classified as a developmental disorders due to neurological disorder, and its symptoms including abnormal social skills, communication skills, interests and behavior patterns.
Data show that the prevalence of autism is about 1%, 35 million people worldwide suffer from this kind of neurological disorder autism. Then what are the signals that can help us to detect the autism?
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Common manifestations of children with autism are as follows:
1.Lonely, outlier, always stay at home, and can not establish normal contact with people.
2. Lack of social skills, emotional indifference. Rarely look to the distance, expressionless in most of the time.
3. Have language barriers. Rarely talk imitatively, keep silent often, unable to take the initiative to interact with people.
4. Have narrow interests, stereotyped repetitive behavior, adaptation difficulties. Living without major changes.
5. Without interests to external things, indifferent to the surrounding.
6. Mental retardation and developmental imbalances. And may lack of the ability to communicate with spoken language.
Causes of Autism:
Up to now, the scientific community can not fully determine the specific causes of autism, but they affirmed thatmost of autism are caused by geneogenousneurodevelopmental disorders. In the scientific community, regarding the causes of autism, there are following main points:
1. Metabolic diseases: such as phenylketonuria and other congenital metabolic disorders, resulting in dysfunction and disorders of brain cells, which affects the brain messaging functions and causes autism.
2.Genetic factors:In 20% of the autistic persons, may find his family have mental retardation, developmental delay, and similar language autism. In addition, about 10% of boys with autism have chromosomal fragile disease.
3.Viral infection during pregnancy:Motherswho got measles or influenza virus infectionduring pregnancy, may lead to the damage ofthe development of fetal brain and cause autism.
4.Brain injury: including cerebral agenesis cause by distress abortion during pregnancy or other factors; and premature delivery, dystocia, neonatal brain injury during production process; as well as the brain injuries caused by infection encephalitis, meningitis and other diseases, which may increase the chance of autism.
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People’s bias to autism
1. Autism = unsocial
Many parents find their children unsociable and do not like to play with others, anddetermine that their child has autism. This kind of "is autistic" behavior, is an injuiry to the child. In general, children who was diagnosed with truly autistic in about 3 years old can count as truly autism, and the autism can only be diagnosed by the strict standards and processes of the hospital, it can not be judged only by the personality of the child.
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2. Autism =Psychiatric
Many people summarize autism as mental illness, it is not so. Sometimes children with autism make strange behavior, just to stimulate themselves. Whilethe real psychopath make strange behaviordue to external stimuli.
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3. Autistic =genius
Some parents feel that their kids Autism is a lucky, since from a historical point of view, a lot of celebrities such as Newton, Einstein has autism, so their child may also be a genius. In fact, the development of autistic child is very uneven, they may indeed very good at some aspects, but regarding some ability, they may not even as good as mentally handicapped children. And not all children with autism have a specialty, according to statistics, only 10% of the autistic person will have the special skills.

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Eight methods to help ease the anxiety of children with autism

1. To find the roots which trigger their anxiety, try to prevent and avoid the triggers which lead to his behavior, and learn to know what the child wants.
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2.Adhere to the law of life. When life becomes rule-based, usually the child will be calm. If there is a change coming, parents should communicate with him in advance, tell him the next impending change. And communicate with him about the changespatiently.
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3.Hold him to appease him. Due to the atactilia, many children with autism lack of security andfeel extreme anxiety ofently. In normal life, parents can dress the child with weskit which can offer the child security of being hugged to the child.
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4.Divert the child’s attention.Do not try to stop him when the child has irritating behavior or angry, try to divert his attention, give him a favorite toy he likes in usual, or videos he likes in usual, or a soothing music.
5. Give the child a space. Sometimes kids just need time, try toleave them alone, give him soft goods and gradually touch him and let him calm, choose a blanket or stuffed toy to accompay him. But never lock him alone in a dark room or closet.
6. Parents should remain calm. As the most important guardians of autistic children, parents should stay camle when children lose control, but it should be noted that: before the child calm down, the parents have to control yourself. The most important thing is that parents can not be angry.
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7.To maintain an appropriate sense of humor. Parents can imitate the child’s emotions behavior, but this method can not be usedunder any circumstances, parents should pay attention to the child's emotions, do not make the children feel that you are making fun of him.
8. Teach the child to take a deep breath. Teach the child to learn to take a deep breath when he is anxious. Do like this, knelt down, looked into his eyes, leaning on his shoulder, do exaggerated deep breaths. He may unconsciously imitate your breathing. Waiting for him to be calm, and then let him tell you what happened.
Autistic children can be curedby meticulous care of their parents and family, as long as the parents and family have enough love and perseverance, autistic children can get better improvement. Talk more with the child, and spend more time with them, let him feel the love and care.
And play games with the children ofently, let the child be haapy and confident in the parent-child game. Encourage children to take the initiative to communicate with others, to make good friend, to share his own inner feelings with friends. The reason why autistic disorder patients alone is because they live in their own world, just let them out of their own world, they will no longer be lonely.
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