The food children shouldn’t eat

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Nowadays, people pay more attention to health. Especially for babies, a healthy eating will make the baby more health. Below is the suggestion:

1). Don’t eat salt before 3 months old
When baby is less than 3 months, their kidneys function is not strong enough, the extra salt will add the burden of kidneys. Baby will get all the sodium he needs from breastmilk or infant formula milk.

2). Don’t eat honey before 1 year old
Because it may contain spores of bacteria that can cause botulism. These bacteria are harmless to adults and children over. But it can make babies, whose digestive and immune systems are less developed. For this reason, it's best to avoid all honey for the first year.

3). Don’t drink tea before 3 years old
Baby's bodies with less self-regulation function, the baby drink tea may occur rapid heartbeat phenomenon, it could lead to excessive physical exertion, especially in the evening, also it will make the child insomnia, frequent urination and other problems that affect sleep , thereby affecting development.

4). Don’t have tonic before 5 years old
If baby eat tonic, it may cause the baby pseudo-precocious puberty, allergies, aggravate existing conditions, endocrine disorders and digestive problems, so we would better control the baby’s diet.

5). Don’t eat curing food before 10 years old;
Due to the curing food  (salted fish, bacon, pickles, etc) with high salt content, will easily induce hypertension; And containing a large amount of nitrite, together with aflatoxin and benzopyrene recognized as the world three carcinogen.

6). Don’t feed baby soy foods;
In Israel, people sometimes put soy food ingredients as infant formula, but the soybean itself contains a phytoestrogen, if intake is large, there will be the side effects ,which is similar to the excessive intake of human estrogen . Years ago, Israel had caused the baby a lack of vitamin B due to the consumption of soy foods, leading to the baby to die or suffer permanent nerve disease cases occurred.

7). Don’t eat chocolate before 3 years old

8). Don’t feed 2-year-old children fresh milk

9). Young children should not eat too many bamboo shoots

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