When Should You Change Diapers for babies

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Many young mothers nearly don’t have experience in looking after babies, and know nothing about the nursing knowledge, changing disposable diapers for baby is one of them, there are many factors that could influence it, hereby lets learn how long shall we change the diapers for babies, and the problems that need attention.

1.The frequency of diaper changing depends on the age of baby. For newborn baby, generally the newborn diapers need to be changed about 10 times within 24 hours, since the bladder of them are not fully developed, if the diapers are placed for a long time without replacing, the babies are very likely to have rashes and other symptoms. Newborn babies should with particular attention to this, mothers need to change diapers frequently for baby's comfort and prevent diseases. And when babies grow a bit older, the changing rate may reduce appropriately, which depends on the frequency of baby’s pee.

2.The changing rate of diaper is not simply determined by the time interval, the frequency of baby peeing will increase when babies have more water. In this kind of situation, mothers should pay more attention to the baby’s diaper, the diapers need to be changed if it feels filled. Generally, baby’s diaper need to be changed every 3 hrs, and 6-8 times per day. But if the baby is crying, that may also be the reminder for the mothers to change the diapers for them. So mothers need to pay more attention when taking care of them.

3.Different changing rate for Day and Night. Generally, the diapers need to be changed every 3 hours during day, but it also influenced by the urine volume of the baby. At night, the babies are slept, nearly with not activities, the urine volume will be less, in this situation, mothers can change the diapers every 8 hours, but if the diapers are nearly filled during the time, it still need to be changed.

4.In addition to the situation of baby’s peeing, the factor that may influence the changing rate is the quality of the diapers. Good diapers are thin and breathable, the absorbency are obvious, and not easy to rewet, with double protective effect, such kind of diapers, can be used for a longer time. On the contrary, mothers need to change the diapers more often if the quality of diapers are not very good. And it is suggested that mothers should choose the diapers with good quality since the baby’s skin is very fragile.

5.The changing rate of baby’s diaper also depends on mother’s feeding time. Since normally babies are much more active before them fed, so mothers can change the diapers for babies before feeding. If the baby is going to the toilet, mothers had better to wash baby’s bum with warm water after toilet, this can makes them feels more comfortable.
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