What cause the diaper rash and how to prevent it

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Does your baby in diaper rash? Is this problem happened because of the baby diapers or other reasons? How to prevent your baby from diaper rash and how to nurse? Let’s work out together.
Ⅰ. The features of diaper rash
Red bun means diaper rash, the profession saying is diaper eczema. It means the baby’s skin under the diaper is getting erythematic by stimulate of skin or other reasons. The symptoms like below:
1) Diaper rash area happens in two parts: the anus and skin under diaper
2) Usually it performance like big erythematic, edema, the skin is smooth, bright and border clear.
3) Sometime there are blisters on the edema erythematic, more serious will happens like exfoliation or erosion, the worse will have pustule, ulcer and get fever.
4) Part of skin is pain and makes baby agitated, cry.
5) Because of the skin hurt, it’s easily to make the bacterial reproduction and cause the infection, when the bacterial invade into blood will cause septicemia.

Ⅱ. Physiological character of baby’s buns
The metabolism of baby is very quick, especially the water metabolism, and because of baby’s bladder is small, he needs to urine many times in a day, the younger the more urine, if the nurse not in time, the baby’s buns will in the wet environment.
Mothers need to change the diaper frequently to keep the skin dry, if they don’t make in time then the baby’s buns will be in a risk.
The most important reason caused diaper rash is the urine makes the baby’s buns too wet, in this circumstance, the natural acid protect coat layer on baby’s buns were been destroyed. Thus, the cuticle on skin is very easy been stimulate and hurt the skin, irritated and finally cause diaper rash.

Ⅲ.Reason of diaper rash
1) Not change the diaper in time.
Especially at the night time, the buns in the urine for long hours will increase the stimulate to skin. We need change the diapers for babies in time.
2) Clean not in time
Parents are cleaning the baby’s buns without wash with water when he bowel movement, and that makes the whole buns remain with urine and faeces, and when the diaper put on again, the wet environment is very easy to cause diaper rash.
3) Wet buns.
Baby’s skin have many wrinkles, parents should wipe dry the skin, otherwise, the skin in wet for long time will cause erosion, and decrease the immunity of skin and finally diaper rash happened.
4) Skin friction
If the diaper is not suit for baby’s body, the rubbing between skin and diaper will destroy the cuticle protector.
5) PH Value
If baby feeding with milk then his faeces is in alkaline, it’s prone to makes bacterial reproduction, so that to cause diaper rash; because of the urine PH value is tend to alkaline, the skin in urine for long time will makes irritate.
6) Chemical products stimulate the skin allergy
Wet wipes, soap, the fluorescent of diaper, disinfectant fluid, and other products.

IV. How to do when babies suffer from diaper rash?
1.  Reduce the moisture on the small buns
Pay attention when clean the baby’s skin, don't hurt it. Let the skin dry slowly, don’t wipe it; As far as possible let the baby’s buns exposed to the air, but pay attention to keep the body warm.
2.  Use care products
Dab special diaper rash cream on the buns. Remember to cleaning the skin first, and best to swear the cream gently after the skin dry to avoid the damage to skin.
3.  Stop using the allergic products
If it’s caused by allergic diapers or wet wipes, should immediately stop using it. But all the babies may be allergic to diapers and wet wipes, this is normal!

V. Prevention is the best ways to reduce diaper rash
Prevention method 1: Wash baby’s buns frequently
After every discharge, mommy shall wash baby’s buns with warm water or a mild detergent.
What need to be reminded is not to clean and wipe the skin too often. Then smear the skin with smoothing oil or disinfected balsam. Do not to powder, in order to avoid forming small lumps with urine that causes stimulation.
Prevention method 2: Changing diapers frequently
Changing diapers frequently can reduce the moisture on the buns, it minimizes the irritant contact, then the incidence of diaper rash is also low.
After baby's discharge, therefore, should clean the skin and change into a clean diapers in time. It is worth noting that you must choose a quality diaper for baby which is a important factor for reducing diaper rash.

VI. Mother’s care
1. Keep baby’s skin dry, change diapers frequently.
2. Parents should immediately take measures to deal with diaper rash when it appears, clean first and then swear a little of tannic acid ointment in the affected area, if there has been a erosion, can use 1% gentian violet partial.
3. Use warm water to wash the buns, don't use soap. As far as possible let the baby’s buns exposed to the air and make it dry slowly.
4. If the baby crying badly when clean the buns, try to let the baby sitting in the warm water and then wash.
5.If possible, you should let the baby's buns more exposure in the air for a period of time, it is beneficial to faded rashes. In hot summer or room, can make baby’s buns completely exposed.
6. Try not to use talcum powder in order to avoid forming small lumps with urine that will causes stimulation.
7. If the skin burst, can use Zinc Oxide Oil to help absorption and promote epithelial growth. As long as pay attention to take good care of the baby buns’ skin in the treatment of diaper rushes, it could be cured soon.

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