• 28 Mar 2016

    Do You Know How to Choose A Grade Baby Diaper?

    China 315 Anti-Counterfeit concentrate on fake products and it’s also important to learn how to examine the quality of goods! Especially baby diapers. Then, how to check a diaper is good or not? Let’s check it out!

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  • 25 Mar 2016

    My girl, you need to know 7 truths in the world

    When I was young, I had a lot of dolls, I had designed cloths and decorated house for them until I finished middle school. Now my daughter likes dolls too, my favorite thing to do with her is play dolls, most of time it’s to enjoy myself.

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  • 24 Mar 2016

    Are You Ready with Your Baby for A Funny Outing?

    In spring, the climate is pleasant, many parents will plan to bring baby go out for a spring outing. Outdoor activities not only let baby close to nature, but also can stimulate the brain and let them full of imagination. So turn off the TV and go out for fun with your baby!

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  • 23 Mar 2016

    The Most Hated Words of Child, Did You Also Mentioned Often?

    Psychology believes that the stimulation people experienced in their early age would cause different extent psychological shadow in their mind, and bring unexpected effect on them.

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  • 22 Mar 2016

    Hidden Dangers for Baby at Home

    Nowadays, people's life is more colorful than before, and we use so many goods in daily life. But there are some we often touch harming the health of children.

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